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We create sites to order Kaliningrad, the creation of sites that sell pages, online stores, catalogs, corporate sites, company sites. Website maintenance, brand advertising, real estate advertising on the Internet. Контакты:
Address: ул. Пр.Победы, д. 12 Kaliningrad Russia,
Phone number:+7 (902) 251-29-64

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Our clients

Termokontur Group

Construction company Kaliningrad. One of the largest developers of quickly erected buildings using new technologies.
Termokontur Group

Balt Stroy

The leader in the production of PVC plastic windows Kaliningrad. Leading production with a larger customer base.


Furniture Salon Kaliningrad, production and supply of premium furniture, kitchens to order from high quality materials.
Стройкомплект Окно

STK Okno

The second largest company in terms of production and supply of PVC plastic windows, with a large base of stable customers.

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